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Receive a custom cross-stitch pattern, converted from any image you supply within less than three days - guaranteed!

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Absolute Satisfaction!
"Kati made me a counted cross-stitch from a photo of our, then, two-month old granddaughter. Upon completion, my daughter framed it - it looks just like Emily! I couldn't believe it! I never saw anything like it before. It made a lovely keepsake for Emily."

Shirley, a proud and happy Grandmother

"The experiences I have had working with Kati have been wonderful. She is prompt, reliable, and very good at what she does. She takes great pride in her work, so you get the best there is out there. All of the patterns she has made for me have been exquisite. I would highly recommend Kati Flood for all of your cross stitch needs."

Sincerely, Sarah Urfer

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About Your Host:
Hello, and thank you for visiting PawPrints Patterns. My name is Kati Flood, and I am a craft enthusiast, Internet entrepreneur, and stay-at-home mother.

PawPrints was started many years after I was forced into computer usage, as a result of a severe car accident. Although my accident appeared as if it would permanently limit my creative capabilities, I would not allow this! I educated myself in regard to computer design, and became introduced to the many capabilities of technology. Aside from my computer education, I spent over four years in intensive recovery learning (among other things) how to walk again. Although I do require a cane for walking, I am able to move around quite well. After leaving therapy, I returned to Rochester Institute of Technology to complete my studies in Packaging Design, and graduated on the dean's list.

In 1992, I married a lovely man who stood by me, as a dear friend, throughout my entire recovery. In 1995, we successfully made an addition to our family - my daughter, Morgan. The photo that has been converted into a pattern on this page is of her several years ago. Calling her a spitfire is an understatement, but, those are a proud motherís words.

I initially established PawPrints Patterns to expand my creative endeavors, although it has gradually blossomed into a highly successful business. Throughout its expansion, PawPrints continues to provide unique personalized services, rapid completion, and guaranteed satisfaction!

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Give a truly personal gift, with a custom-made PawPrints Pattern...

Show others that you care, by giving them a uniquely creative and personal needlework pattern. Any cross-stitch pattern that you request can be framed or added to a pillow, and given as gifts. Although needlework takes great patience, the satisfaction you will get out of creating a tremendously original gift is monumental! Your loved ones will cherish the permanent memories you give them, and they will thank you continually for your thoughtful generosity.

You may be surprised to discover that ANY image can be converted and made into a custom cross-stitch pattern. It doesn't matter if it is a family portrait, logo, drawing, or computer illustration. If you want to show true originality, why not create a pattern made from your own image? While most other cross-stitch patterns are quite redundant, your design will be adored eternally.

Original image, intended for pattern conversion
Original Image:
Enhanced version of original image, with the background removed
Enhanced, With Background Removed:
Converted cross-stitch pattern, reduced for demonstration purposes
Direct Conversion to Cross-Stitch Pattern:
(View Full Size with support grid lines)
Seize the opportunity to obtain customized designs for any occasion - birthday, holidays, and more! Allow your imagination to range free!

In addition to image conversion, I can create a pattern with your favorite quote, phrase, or scripture! This can be done with cross-stitch or entirely our of fancy back-stitch. The choice is yours...

The possibilities are endless!

Although I offer image conversions, please know that your creative possibilities do not end there! I also offer an abundance of original pre-made designs that you can incorporate into your needlework designs or use as stand-alone cross-stitch patterns.

Your possibilities are truly endless with the vast range of unique customization options, open for your request. You can receive a fully personalized pattern for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, and more!

Any image or phrase can be converted to a pattern, allowing you to preserve a memory!

While many of my valued clients have had conversion of photographic images into patterns in mind, I can also convert many other types of images for you.

You can easily have a cartoon, logo, clip-art, or other image converted directly into a cross-stitch needlework pattern. If that's not enough, you can choose from an abundance of customization options including cropping, resizing, background elimination, color modifications, enhancements, and much more!

Receive your custom pattern conversion in only 3 days, GUARANTEED!

For images that are converted directly into a pattern, I can usually provide you with a completed design within only 1/2 a day! Script usually requires a bit longer. Direct image conversion process creates a random-sized pattern, on 10 count white Adia needlework material. Keep in mind, however, that the more detailed your image is, the larger your pattern will be. To give you an exceptional quality pattern, my process will capture every intricacy of your original image.

If you require minor alterations or additions to your pattern, those changes can usually be completed within three days. You must understand that the time frame for completion relies on how quickly I receive approval from you. Some of the pattern alterations you can receive include completed size allowances, amount of flosses, material color, and fabric count.

Although I provide a three-day pattern completion guarantee, most designs can be completed much more rapidly - depending upon your communication. I take monumental pride in the quality of work that I provide you, and want to ensure that the completed pattern precisely meets your expectations.

Before completing your final cross-stitch design package, I will ensure that you are completely satisfied with your pattern image(s).

Save yourself valuable time and money with an affordable PawPrints Pattern.

Enhancing an image to your specifications, and converting it to a cross-stitch pattern takes a considerable amount of time. If you have to create a design for an upcoming occasion, you will save yourself time and frustration by allowing me to handle the full conversion of your image.

In addition to receiving your pattern rapidly, you will also benefit from the first class quality that comes with all my pattern conversions. I have a proven record of design excellence, which will allow you to extract high quality and precision out of my pattern conversions!

Take action now and receive a limited-time free Seasonal Pattern Package with your request...

By requesting your affordable pattern solution today, my email response will provide you instantly with several free pattern to keep you creatively busy.

You might incorporate these unique patterns from your free pattern package or from the auto-response, directly into your converted image for added impact or save them for a future occasion. No matter how you decide to utilize these high quality bonus patterns, you can only receive them if you act soon.

To preserve the originality of these bonus patterns, I am only offering them to a limited number of customers. Once I have provided these patterns to several people, I will no longer provide this value-added free offer.

In addition to the affordability of my services, you will also get these free bonuses completely free.

Don't hesitate: request your affordable pattern today, with guaranteed satisfaction.

Remember that I will always ensure your complete satisfaction before providing any final pattern designs. In fact, you will never have to pay a single cent until you receive your patterns, and your satisfaction is assured! Before starting any conversion project, I will outline your total costs up-front, so that you never have to worry about hidden costs or other add-ons.

I have seen many people charging as much as $30-$40 for pattern conversion services; however, you can receive this unbeatable offer starting at only $15! The efficiency that I can provide you with allows me to offer you this service at a bargain price. Of course, your pattern quality will never compromised and I personally guarantee you will be pleased.

Requesting the conversion of a cherished image into a custom cross-stitch pattern could never be easier. Considering you have absolutely nothing to lose and the potential to gain a design that is remarkable in quality, you must take action now.

Please click below to view detailed pricing information, and to request your pattern conversion today. Within less than three days (often times one day), you can have an enhanced quality pattern in your hands that you can transform into a beautiful lasting memory.

Creatively, keeping you in stitches,

Mrs. Katherine D. Flood (Kati)
PawPrints Patterns & APhoto2Stitch
Owner and Craft Enthusiast

P.S. Don't forget that you can only receive your free bonus pattern collection of your choice, if you request your image-to-pattern conversion soon! As always, I guarantee your complete satisfaction and pattern completion within three days.

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