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Seasonal Package & PawPrints Latest Addition:

Spring into Easter but don't forget the Irish .


Personal Celebration Patterns


PawPrints Patterns Selections:

Jungle or African animals Cross-Stitch Patterns:

Shown below is a preview of the patterns included in this new collection. To make designing these patterns a simple and pleasurable experience, each pattern includes:
  • A complete listing of floss colors needed, with their corresponding symbols
  • A grid, with symbols that make up the complete pattern
  • A reduced image of each pattern, with the completed dimensions and required fabric
Due to the reduced size of these patterns, they are most ideal for small designs...even just to lend a smile or some laughter. They would also work nicely as single sided ornaments, or for a mobile.

*** Please note - The Siberian tiger is quite a bit larger and requires more flosses than the others. This inclusion was requested by a subcriber to The PawPrints Stitch. Attempt to retain the image and reduce size, this is what I came up with. It roughly measures 4-1/4" by 3-3/4" on 16 count material.

For more information on other creative uses of these patterns, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Important Note: The actual dimentions of the patterns may vary. These images have been reduced for preview purposes, and the patterns do not contain the semi-transparent borders.

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