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New Feature! Medical cross-stitch patterns:

Recently, a pattern package customer made me aware of the lack of needlework patterns in this field. So, I decided to try to fill the gap! I thought it best to avoid humorous, or really graphic images. So, I opted for a pretty straight forward introduction. If there is interest, humorous and/or specific medical topics, can be covered. Just mention your interest along with your order...

Shown below is a preview of all the patterns included in this inspirational collection. To make designing these patterns a simple and pleasurable experience, each pattern includes:
  • A complete listing of floss colors needed, with their corresponding symbols
  • A grid, with symbols that make up the complete pattern
  • A chart with a complete range of sizes, relating to various sized material counts
  • A full-size image of each pattern, including its dimensions and required fabric
Due to the intermediate size of these patterns, they are most ideal for smaller designs. They would work nicely as small wall hangings, pillows, or possibly for the larger counts...a towel. For more information on other creative uses, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Important Note: The actual dimentions of the patterns may vary. These images have been reduced for preview purposes, and the patterns do not contain the semi-transparent borders.

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