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Request your brilliant customized cross-stitch pattern today, with your satisfaction guaranteed!

Please complete the short form below to request your unique image to pattern conversion, starting at only $15.00. To ensure your complete satisfaction, your payment is not required until you are unconditionally pleased with your final patterns!

Don't forget - by requesting your pattern today, I will also provide you with a free selection of bonus patterns to enhance your designs, or create as standalone cross-stitch crafts.

We proudly accept your secure online payment through using a credit card, electronic funds transfer, or electronic check. You may also make payment by check or money order, sent via postal mail.

To help you determine the affordable price of your complete conversion package, please refer to the pricing information displayed on the form. The customization options that you request are added to our base price of $15 per image-to-pattern conversion.

Use the form below to request your affordable pattern conversion today!

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Note: You may add (or remove) additional options to your order after your request has been placed, and I have contacted you by email. This form is intended to speed up the fulfillment of your request, but I am very flexible with accomodating for your unique needs.

Material color alterations (FREE) 
Minor eliminations (FREE) 
Floss limitations ($2.00) for images
Resizing / material count alterations ($2.00) for images
Background removal ($5.00) for images
Floss color replacement ($5.00) for images
Custom lettering in any font ($5.00) for images

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