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Great crafting resources to aid you on your creative journey...

To help you make the most out of your cross-stitch designs and crafting endeavors, we have compiled our reviews of some wonderful resources below.

You will find that the information, products, and/or services these sites offer perfectly complement the exceptional advice and services we provide.

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Incredible crafting supplies at

Now you can find the same exceptional-quality products online, as Joann offers in their stores. You will discover that many of their prices are even more affordable online. This is a perfect stop for arts & crafts supplies, original project ideas, unique products and the opportunity for you to share your interests with other creative people. Joann is definitely worth a visit, as they often feature very appealing sales.

Dick Blick Arts & Crafts Materials

Dick Blick Art Materials is a very well established arts and craft supplier, with unbeatable prices. Many items carried by this site are not carried by If you can not find something there, take a look here!

Exceptional quality products at half their retail price! offers an extensive selection of pre-owned and slightly used merchandise. Although some products were previously owned, many are new and unopened! Either way, you can find incredible savings at this site. This site is definitely worth a moment of your time…if for nothing more than just a good look around.

Halloween Resources

Halloween Resources is a wonderful informational site for the most updated halloween related news, books, and web resources.

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