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Many stitchers consider themselves serious, but just can not find the time to complete what they want for when they want to use it.

Well, I am figuring that I have already tackled the larger person patterns with my photo-pattern conversion offering, but, what about those of you who want to make periodic additions to your household...without expending all sorts of time!?!

Well, I think I have solved this problem! This ebook draws attention to all of the major holidays that I could think of.

All of the patterns that I have included should not take forever to complete, but will add an appropriate splash of color to your household or make a treasured gift for a friend.

There are many possible uses. Just open your imagination, and always do not have to complete all of these patterns at once. Add them or create a pattern library. That way, you can always have somewhere to refer to when the impulse strikes you!

Each ebook includes:
  • A pattern for each month
  • A complete listing of floss colors needed, with their corresponding symbols
  • A grid, with symbols that make up the complete pattern
  • A full-size image of each pattern, including its dimensions and required fabric
For more information on this or any of my other ebooks, please don't hesitate to contact me at

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