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Add a special stitch to your Valentine's Day gift & contact for inexpensive customization.

PawPrints Patterns Selections:

Recommended Resource: offers everything needed for the patterns in these eBooks...even down to the floss selected by numeric color identification. You will discover great online prices! This is a perfect stop for arts & crafts supplies, original project ideas, unique products and the opportunity for you to share your interests with other creative people. Joann is definitely worth a visit, as they often feature very appealing sales.

New Feature!
Spring & Summer eBook:

I have created this Spring & Summer ebook for the more serous stitcher. I say this not because the patterns are all that difficult or time consuming. I just know that most stitchers I know have a way of feeling guilty for patterns that they have not completed.

* Do not be concerned about this!

These patterns should not be all that time consuming or cause that much stress.

This Spring & Summer ebook contains six for each month with an appropriate image. These patterns are not overwhelmingly large in size. They should only take a few hours, if that, to complete. They will keep your fingers occupied, and make wondeful decorations or gifts!

Please do not feel like you neccessarily have to complete every pattern on a monthly basis. You can always tuck away some of them for future use in your pattern library.

In the event that you DO complete all of these, please contact me. I am more than willing to create another monthly ebook...just let me know, and I will fill the need.

Each ebook includes:
  • A pattern for each month
  • A complete listing of floss colors needed, with their corresponding symbols
  • A grid, with symbols that make up the complete pattern
  • A full-size image of each pattern, including its dimensions and required fabric
For more information on this or any of my other ebooks, please don't hesitate to contact me at

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the Spring & Summer eBook and
the Fall & Winter eBook
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